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The worldly winds

The eight worldly winds are:

pleasure and pain

praise and blame

fame and disrepute

gain and loss

These are pairs of opposites: one we are attracted to, the other repulsed by.

Pleasure, fame, praise and gain all make us feel good, like the stock market on an upward swing. We may get a big head with fame, lose sight of our responsibilities with pleasure, rely on external validation with praise, or feel exceedingly comfortable with gain. These things we all desire and delude our clear minds.

Conversely, we can be carried away by their opposites. We can become absorbed by our pain, our esteem can suffer from disrepute, feel excessively guilty with too much blame, and loss can leave with us with endless grief.

Being swept away by any of these eight winds causes emotional instability, stirring things up they cloud our clarity. Just set a course sailing down the middle, not directly against the wind nor with it, and respond with the tiller to keep things straight. Accept each wind without following it, realising its conditions are impermanent. Then when the wind changes direction you can respond appropriately.

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