Join us online

While the monastery is closed to visitors, the Bodhinyana Group is meeting online using the Zoom platform.

Meetings are open to those who have attended the group fairly regularly. To participate and to receive instructions on how to join, please e-mail

Meetings follow a similar format as before, running on Wednesdays from 7:30 to 9:20pm

How do I get to the Bodhinyana Hall?

Get directionsAmaravati is near Great Gaddesden, three miles north-west of Hemel Hempstead. Travelling from Hemel Hempstead, when you reach Great Gaddesden, turn left off the main road and drive past the entrance to the garden centre up a hill (Pipers Hill) on a small lane leading out of the village. Take the right fork half way up the hill and continue past a number of houses until you reach a sign ‘Amaravati’ on your left and you will see some large gates. Drive through the gates and park. Walk up the drive which passes to the left of the temple and cloisters and you will pass a Buddha statue on your right. On your left you will see three buildings. The Bodhinyana Hall is the second one, just after a small tree. Go up the steps and you will find a lobby which leads into a room with a large Buddha statue at the end.